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Do I get to choose my meals each week?

Yes! Each week you'll select your desired dinners and small plates from our menu. 

Are your meals frozen?

No, all of our meals are delivered fresh in Root To Fruit insulated bags with commercial-grade ice packs.

Do you accommodate specific diets?

Our menus are designed to accommodate various dietary and nutritional needs. Our menus change on a weekly basis and offer a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free friendly options. You can find a complete list of ingredients under each menu item to help make your selections based on your needs.

Do you accommodate specific food allergies?

RTF meals are prepared in a facility that handles the following major food allergens: wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and sesame. All menu items and labels are flagged for allergens. Our chefs follow strict practices to avoid cross-contamination, however, we cannot guarantee that meals will be completely allergen-free. If you have a severe food allergy or intolerance, we recommend working with your physician to determine if our meals are right for your household.


Do you have options for kids?

Our menus take into account the family dinner experience that caters to both children and adults. Dinners and small plates are packaged individually, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters always have an option they can enjoy. We also have a special menu designed for kids that offers a wide variety of options.

Can I customize my order?

At Root To Fruit, we accommodate specifications for an additional price. Dislike onions or want to do a dairy-free alternative? Customize menu items to accommodate your preference or dietary needs with the click of a button.

Do you provide nutritional facts for your meals?

We do not currently include a complete list of ingredients and allergens for all of our menu options. 

Do you offer catering?

We have you covered! This is a separate service offered on a person to person basis. Please email with further questions regarding this particular matter. 

Do I need to be home for delivery?

Most families are not home when we make deliveries, and we take the utmost care to keep your meals at a safe temperature from our kitchen to your doorstep. All meals are kept cool in insulated bags with commercial-grade ice packs. If you are home when we make your delivery, we recommend placing your meals in your refrigerator upon arrival. If you are not home, your F&F driver will deliver your bag to your preferred location (doorstep, common area, concierge) and you will receive an SMS with proof of delivery. We have rigorously tested our insulated bags and ice packs to maximize the time period in which your meals remain cool. However, due to weather-related variables that can impact the temperature of your bag, we cannot guarantee that your meals will remain cold for a specific period of time.

How is my food packaged?

Your meals are packaged in compostable containers and arrive in an insulated, reusable bag with commercial-grade ice packs. Ahead of your next delivery day, simply leave out your bags and ice for your driver to collect. 

When do you make deliveries?

We make deliveries on Thursday, and we aim to deliver your meals between 4:30 and 6:30pm. You'll always receive an automatic SMS with your delivery window the evening before delivery. Note that we may adjust delivery windows due to inclement weather conditions to ensure your food arrives safe and fresh.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes! Skipping weeks is easy. Root To Fruit is not a subscription based meal delivery service, so you may come and go as needed.

When will I be billed?

Payments are processed automatically each week through our processor, Stripe.

Is my payment info secure on this site?

We use Stripe for payment processing, a highly popular PCI-compliant service that carefully encrypts payment information. You can learn more here.

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